How diligent are you?

1. "Mr. and Mrs. Dursley lived at number four on Tisovaya Street and always proudly declared that they, thank God, were absolutely normal people. Oh, from someone, and they could not be expected to get into some strange or mysterious situation. Mr. and Mrs. Dursley were very disapproving of any oddities, riddles and other nonsense. "

2. "Everyone you love, either will abandon you or die. Everything that you created will be forgotten. Everything that you are proud of, will eventually be thrown into the trash. "

3. "Excellent," – said the computer. "The answer to the Main Question ... of Life, the Universe and All That ..." continued the computer. "It's ..." - said Deeply Minded and made a meaningful pause. "Forty-two," said Deeply Minded with inimitable tranquility and majesty. "

4. "It will be a long time before you stop flinching, at least mechanically, like a frog's leg from the galvanic current. Only if you finally break up with a person, you begin to really be interested in everything that concerns him. This is one of the paradoxes of love. "

5. "Many years later, just before the execution, Colonel Aureliano Buendia will remember that distant day when his father led him to look at the ice. Makondo was then a small settlement of twenty earthen cottages, with reed roofs of small houses standing on the bank of the river, which carried its clear waters on a bed of white, smooth and huge, like prehistoric eggs, boulders. The world was so original that many things had no name and were simply poked with a finger. "

6. "He again began to examine the stones, carefully touched them - they were warm and smooth to touch. A real treasure. Soul becomes peaceful. They reminded Santiago about the old man. Once again his words were heard inside of the soul: "If you want something, the entire universe will help to make your wish come true."

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