“Game of Thrones” or an event of world history?

1. The wise ruler erects an enormous defensive structure on the far border of the state to protect against the raids of warlike tribes

2. A religious fanatic cruelly punishes sainted representatives of the nobility, burns luxury goods and receives the support of commoners, and with it - a huge power.

3.Armed with short swords, riders terrorize the inhabitants of neighboring lands, raiding and destroying or stealing slaves of the dissent to pay tribute

4. Those who do not want to put up with their fate, the slaves base a small settlement in the hidden mountains of the locality, which eventually grows into a secret city boiling with life

5. The successor to the throne suffers from a terrible illness that he inherited from the maternal line. He tragically perishes, but not from illness, but during an uprising

6. The gang of people's avengers is fishing in the forests, making bold robberies and attacking wealthy travelers, after which they share the robbed with the poor

7. A group of conspirators is planning an attempt on the incumbent dictator ruler. The murderers inflict 23 wounds on the monarch and implement their plan.

8. Having shown heroism in one of the battles, the warrior loses his hand in an unsuccessful confluence of circumstances. The loss did not break him, and, replacing the missing limb with a prosthesis, he continues to fight

9. The ruling monarch lives with occult sects, kidnaps people and generally behaves strangely. The wild craze of the king leads to an uprising, during which he perishes

10. Having received security guarantees, at the dinner, the noble lord loses vigilance and dies at the hands of the host who invited him

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