Can you guess the country on the flag?

1. The flags of these two countries are not just similar. They are absolutely the same! Guess which countries are talking about?

2. Three vertical stripes, three bright contrasting colors ... It's so easy to get confused! Whose flag is it: of Ireland or Cote d'Ivoire?

3. You probably saw this flag, and more than once. Flag of France! That's just in what order should the strips be placed? Just like in the picture, or otherwise?

4. Country of harsh Vikings, which gave the world practical furniture with the most difficult-to-pronounce names in the world, mummies and the Nobel Prize. Find out by the flag, what country is it talking about?

5. Stars are one of the most common symbols that occur on flags. And they also exist on the flags of Turkey and the People's Republic of China. Guess which country this flag belongs to?

6. Three legs, connected together, and even in boots with spurs! Is this a flag?

7. And one more unusual flag. It seems that someone here launched a tennis ball in the direction of the sun ... Or not? What country does this flag belong to?

8. Delicious chocolate, more than 900 varieties of beer, mountains of diamonds and beautiful lace - have already realized what country is talking about? Whom does this flag belong to?

9. This is a very recognizable flag, but its form is not quite ordinary: it is not rectangular, like most flags, but triangular. What country does it belong to?

10. Well, the easy question at last. It will be amazing if you do not guess. Whose flag is this?

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