Can you count money?

1. Imagine that you need to buy a smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6. The price in two online stores is the same – 400 usd, but the bonuses when buying are different. Where it is better to buy a smartphone?

2. Together with the smartphone, you decided to buy wireless headphones. The model you like costs 135 usd. There are two options for buying. Which one will you choose?

3. Ahead of the New Year holidays, which you plan to hold in Finland. Flight from Bangkok to Helsinki and back for two costs 630 usd, and tickets for the necessary dates are available from two airlines. Which one will you choose?

4. Now you need to book a hotel for a week. You liked the number for 90 usd per day, and it has two shares. What is more profitable?

5. At the same time you immediately book an excursion in Helsinki. It costs 137 usd per person, and you two. Which option will you choose?

6. Having dealt with all the affairs, you feel that you are hungry, and want to order a pizza for $ 7. Pizzeria offers two promotions. Which is more profitable?

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