Promo & Partnership

Promos and partnerships are crucial for any business as businesses need people to know about them and their services to be able to sell and earn profits. Unless people know about their products and services as well as the benefit that they have to offer, the potential customers would not be inclined towards them. This is why promotions and partnerships are considered important and useful for the sake of doing business. Speaking of the promotions and partnership offers, there are a number of ways in which it can be done, listed as follows:

1. Advertising

One is advertising which is very simple and easy to make use of. This way, it will work both for the users as well as for ZOOVADOO. The idea is for users to specify which location they would like their advertisements to show. Once specified, it would be easy for users to be able to catch customers from their target markets. Whenever people from the particular geographic location would log onto ZOOVADOO, they would be able to see the advertisements of the businesses intended for them and hence there is a chance they would click on them and log onto the subject websites. This would allow the businesses to start receiving customers on their websites which would subsequently lead to sales. So this is a whole process which allows for websites with low traffic initially to start earning with the help of websites that are receiving a high amount of traffic on them. This is also how the advertisement would be done for users of ZOOVADOO.COM.

2. Make money

The second option is that of users being able to make money out of ZOOVADOO and this process also is very easy and simple. Incentives would be offered to users in the form of cash against lending it a hand in being able to do its job in a better way. This would most certainly allow ZOOVADOO to gather quality content owing to the motivation that it creates amongst users. There are two options of going about doing it.

Option 1
The first option which is offered is that users interested in making money from ZOOVADOO would offer ideas to it. These can be any ideas that can be of use to it such that ZOOVADOO is able to create quizzes out of them. If the ideas are worthwhile and can be made good use of, then those who have contributed to the ideas would be paid for them in US Dollars. This way, ZOOVADOO would get the ideas it needs to create new and unique quizzes and those who contribute towards them would be able to get compensation for them. People who have an innate ability to think up ingenious ideas would enjoy doing this work. All they would have to do would be to put their minds on the right track and then start thinking of some bright ideas with which ZOOVADOO can create quizzes with. The more the ideas, the more the quizzes that can be created and hence the higher the compensation for those offering them. This cash offer can click with some people and they may just be able to enjoy offering their bright ideas in exchange for cash. They may enjoy the activity and keep doing it consistently so that they get adept at it and gradually start offering even better ideas to ZOOVADOO for the sake of using them in its quizzes.
Option 2
Then there is a second option which is also on the table. This option is that instead of offering ideas, what would be done is that users would take ideas from ZOOVADOO’s huge database and then create quizzes out of them. Remember that these quizzes are meant to entertain people so they have to be intelligently made, keeping the entertainment factor in mind. Those who develop the quizzes based on ideas provided would be paid a sum of money as a fee for developing the quizzes. In addition to that, if ZOOVADOO is successful in selling ads on the quizzes developed, then users would receive additional returns as a portion of the advertisement revenues from the quizzes as well. So there is a benefit for those who are interested in making some good money by putting their creative abilities to work. They can take some ideas from the website and then combine them with their creative skills to be able to earn some cash from ZOOVADOO. If they work out and bring in more and more traffic as well as increase user interest, then there is a high chance that the admin of ZOOVADOO would like to hear from them time and again and as they would consider them most suitable for performing the job.

3. Integrate quizez on your site

The third thing which can be done is that as a means of promotions and partnerships, ZOOVADOO can help its customers in developing as well as integrating quizzes on their own websites. Resultantly, they can earn revenues from the advertisements they place on those quizzes. This can be beneficial for businesses that prefer to have their own websites gain popularity with the people as well as high rankings in search engines. The experience which ZOOVADOO has in developing quizzes can prove to be of high value for those web admins who are new to creating and managing websites that offer quizzes as entertainment. They would be able to avoid a lot of obstacles by taking benefit of this experience and therefore be able to sail ahead of their own competitors in the field.Therefore, they stand to gain a lot by taking the help of ZOOVADOO and maybe it would be a great idea for them to try out.